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  • Rick Messer·

    Jenny and Jessica both are great people just a place to visit

  • Vicky Hatfield·

    A great visit. I had feeling bad since my last visit. Once again, Jenny nailed it. Asked right off if I'd been eating more sugar. I had...a lot more sugar. As she told me from the beginning, sugar is the enemy, the devil! Gave me a supplement to help with that....as I cut that devil out of my life! I'm confident that she's right, she caught it before I even admitted that I had backslidden. That sweet taste is not worth how bad it made me feel. Be back for a better report (very soon I hope)!

  • Louise·

    It's so great to go and actually get healing not drugs for symptoms.

  • Jennifer M·

    I cannot recommend Innate Rejuvenation enough! Jessica has shared a wealth of knowledge in helping me get back to myself. I have also taken my daughter for her first visit today and it was truly amazing to watch and get some answers. Great communication, genuinely cares and takes time to explain and answer any questions.

  • Mindy·

    Love this place! Super clean and welcoming. I’ve had great results for me and my kids.

  • Sandra·

    First appt , comfortable and friendly and calming. I was amazed and excited and in awe. Definitely great people skills in communication. So educational. I am thankful and prayerful. Just a side note, they we’re busy. Must be doing good for others.
    Im excited to begin this process.

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